For the period of 50 years Karaganda Industrial University, founded in 1963, has become one of the leading higher education establishments preparing high-quality specialists in the mining and metallurgical sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan. More than 20 thousand of engineers-managers of manufacture have been prepared professionally at the university.

The most significant pride of all the university staff members and students is the fact that one of the students having graduated form our university was the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Leader of Nation Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbaev.

Among the former graduating students of the university there are prominent political figures, leaders of large-scale industrial enterprises of Kazakhstanas well as neighboring countries and foreign states.

At present Karaganda State Industrial University is a higher education establishment providing a variety of choice of educational programs including 18 baccalaureate specialties, 8 magistracy specialties and 2 PhD specialties. Due to the creative approach being applied by teachers and professors there is prevalence of innovative teaching techniques based on the usage of scientific researches results.

Contemporary scientific and training facilities corresponding to the best world and native standards are available in the university.

At KSIU there are scientific researches being carried out actively on the base of grant financing as well as on the themes not financed by the State. Numerous scientific researches are conducted in the engineering profile laboratory “Electronic microscopy and nano-technology” which was founded in 2008.

International collaboration is developed and increased permanently. The university maintains creative links and business cooperation with numerous leading higher education establishments and scientific-educational centers of CIS and foreign countries.

Some students of KSIU became prize winners of international subject competitions, diploma project contests.

Annually there is expansion of base for all student practical work to be done. Within the university there is a laboratory-educational building equipped with working industrial and semi-industrial metallurgical aggregates and modern scientific equipment produced by the USA, Japan, Germany.

Our priority purpose is complex development of Karaganda State Industrial University as systematizing intellectual center for technical higher education and post-graduate education, science and engineering of Central Kazakhstan with the aim of subsequently taking a position internationally.

KarIU Rector,
Doctor of Biological Sciences,
Professor Abdrasilov Bolatbek