XI International Scientific and Practical Conference

XI International Scientific and Practical Conference


Dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan

November 25-26, 2021

 Directions of the conference:

1. Metallurgy: technology, innovation, quality

2. Digitalization in education and industry

3. Innovative aspects of engineering and technology development

4. Economics and innovation management in the industry

Venue of the conference: NLC «Karaganda Industrial University», Temirtau, Republic avenue, 30.

Conference format: online (the link for participation in the videoconference will be available on the university website www.tttu.edu.kz  a few days before the event).

Languages of the conference: Kazakh, Russian, English

Deadline for submission of materials: November 13, 2021 inclusive on the Google Forms https://forms.gle/3wzGhTgeWUN5cW2c9.

A collection of scientific articles will be published as a result of the conference.  The collection will be presented in electronic format (PDF), and to the conference participants will be given certificates; the speakers of the sections will receive participant diplomas, and the participants of the plenary session will receive letters of appreciation.

For detailed information, please contact at +7 701 446 56 08 – Zhabalova Gulnaz Gazizovna – Dean of the Faculty of Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering.

Requirements For Article registration:

The abstract of the report should be carefully edited and proofread by the authors. Text volume – 3-5 printed pages, in MS Word format Times New Roman font, size – 12, line spacing – 1.0 (use a multiplier), margins: top – 2 cm, bottom – 2 cm, left – 3 cm, right – 1.5 cm. A4 format (21 cm × 29.7 cm).


  1. File name: Surname_N.F. (Surname_Initial of the name. Initial of the father’s name of the first author).

  2. Text editor – Microsoft Word.

  3. File format – *.doc или *.docx.

  4. UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) is located on the right.

  5. After UDC there should be an empty line, TITLE OF ARTICLE – in capital letters, text line is centered.

  6. Surname and initials of the author(s) – text line is centered.

  7. Name of the university (organization), city, country, e-mail of the author(s), alignment on the left.

  8. After two empty lines there should be the main text, text lines are justified to both margins.

  9. Formulas, tables, figures (colored and b/w) and graphs are allowed. Formulas must be typed (do not insert an uneditable picture.

  10. Figures and tables must be numbered, figure names (editable) should be placed in the center, table names should be placed on the left side, text and numerical values in tables (font size 12 or 10) must be editable (do not insert a picture); explanatory captions must be editable (font size 12 or 10). The inscriptions embedded in the figures must be carefully edited, corresponding to the figure and the text of the abstract.

  11. After the article text there must be a Bibliography (heading in the center), font size 12, drawn up according to the Interstate standard GOST 7.5-98 dated October 9, 1998 No. 365 (Protocol No. 1: 3-98 dated May 28, 1998). We ask you to comply with the requirements of GOST. Download.

  12. Bibliography is placed at the end of the text and is typed in accordance with the order of the list. References to literature in the text are made in «square» brackets, in the form of numbers corresponding to the number of the work in the bibliography. Bibliography must consist at least 7 sources:

– 20% of them is self-citing ;

– at least 50% of them are Scopus and WoS.

  1. Do not number pages.

  2. All figures, tables and formulas in the text should be referenced

*The article must have no more than 4 authors.


**One author can only be in two articles.


***If the work was carried out with financial support, the information must be indicated on the last page – below, *The work was carried out with the support of a grant …, font size 10.