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The technical and economic College (TЕC) is a structural division of NAO «Karaganda industrial University» (KarIU) and carries out its activities in the system of continuing education College-university.

The Technical and Economic College of the KarIU has been implementing technical and vocational education programs since September 2016 and is a modern, dynamically developing college that works on the basis of the state general educational standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan and meets the highest requirements for technical and vocational educational institutions.

In accordance with the state license, the college carries out educational activities in 9 specialties:

Of these, two economic specialties

  • 04130100 «Management» – qualification: manager,
  • 04110100 «Accounting and audit» – qualification: economist – accountant

and 7 technical specialties:

  • 07130400 «Technical equipment and heat supply systems» – qualification: technician – heat engineer,
  • 07130700 «Technical operation, maintenance and repair of electrical and electromechanical equipment» – qualification: electromechanics,
  • 07161300 «Maintenance, repair and operation of road transport» – qualification: technician – mechanic,
  • 07151300 «Metallurgy of ferrous metals» – qualification: technician – metallurgist,
  • 06130100 «Software (by type)» – qualification: Software Developer,
  • 07320100 «Construction and operation of buildings and structures» – qualification: technician – builder,
  • 07151100 «Operation of machinery and equipment of industry» – qualification: technician – mechanic.

«Our specialists are confidence in the future!»

Training in the college is conducted on the basis of 9 and 11 classes, with the state and Russian language of instruction, on full-time and correspondence courses.

The educational institution created all the conditions and a certain material and technical basis for extracurricular work with students.

In order to ensure the principle of accessibility of technical and vocational education for certain categories and strata of the population, social support is provided to students in the form of discounts on tuition fees, grants for training.

The main goal of educational work in the Technical and Economic College is to promote the effective use and enrichment of the resource potential of the educational institution and its environment to ensure intellectual, spiritual, moral and physical education of students and the professional and personal development of teachers.

The main task of educating students in the educational institution of the Technical and Economic College is to create a social-educative environment, to establish a cult of morality, high patriotism based on spiritual values, motivation for a healthy lifestyle, rejection of antisocial phenomena, and the development of scientific research to effectively implement the system of extracurricular work.

Students of the college use the library, reading room, computer classes, educational laboratories and the sports and fitness complex of the university. After graduating from College, students have the opportunity to enroll in related specialties at the Karaganda industrial University and other higher educational institutions in a reduced form of study – 2.5 years for full-time and 3.5 years for distance learning.